18” Elite Tubular Skylight Kit


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Product Description

18” Tubular Skylight Kit

ICC-ES & Energy Star/NFRC Approved

Designed by Elite Solar Systems, these 18” Tubular Skylights are made from the highest quality materials available. Most other tubular skylights you will see on the market are made in China with less quality materials. These kits were designed to capture the natural light produced by the sun, and diffuse it into a soft non-reflective light.

Studies have shown that rooms with natural light in them have several benefits like improved energy, rich look, help plant growth & more! Along with these benefits, this 18” Tubular Skylight Kit can pay for itself in as little as two years.

The 18” kit produces natural light that will cover a surface area of about 400 feet, which is equivalent to 11000 lumens. This size is perfect for Living rooms, kitchens, great rooms, large dens, master bedrooms & office spaces. Live in a stormy area? Have no fear these skylights are Energy Star qualified & have been tested to withstand wind speeds of up to 500 mph & won’t leak when it rains.

Components Included With Each Kit:

18” Dome Assembly



The acrylic dome assembly is what draws the light from the sun into the solar tube. It’s constructed from high-impact acrylic with integrated ultra violet stabilizers.


18” Pitched Flashing



The 18” pitched flashing is perfect for homes with pitched roofs and flat ceilings. The design allows you receive the optimal amount of light from the sun so that it’s reflected into your home.


18” Flat Flashing



The 18” flat flashing is ideal for flat roofs, or a pitched roof with a vaulted ceiling. If you live in a location that receives a lot of snow then you will want to use the 18” x 8” flashing.


18” Prismatic Diffuser



The prismatic diffuser is the standard & most popular ceiling kit we offer in all of our skylights. This type of diffuser distributes light evenly in the area you have your tubular skylight installed.


18” White Diffuser


Looking for a softer light that offers less glare? Then our high impact & fire resistant polycarbonate white ceiling kit is perfect for you.

18” MaxLum Diffuser



This is our brightest lighting option. We suggest only using this one for ceiling heights above 12 feet.


18”x24” Light Tube & Adjustable Elbows



Every kit comes with two 18”x24” light tubes as the standard. Sometimes you may need more depending on your installation. Our light tube has a 98% reflectivity rating and is resistant to moisture, corrosion & high temperatures.

An optional add-on that not everyone will need is our 30-degree adjustable elbows. If you aren’t installing your skylight in a straight patch these will help you twist and turn to get to the desired installation area. These are also made out of the same reflective material as our light tubes.


What’s Included:

– 18” Aluminum Flashing

– Acrylic Dome Assembly

– Ceiling Kit of Your Choice

– 2 18”x24” Light Tube

– Hardware Kit

– Ceiling & Roof Template

– Instruction Sheet


With a limited lifetime warranty and a money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose. Shipping for our 18” Skylight is $54.99 per kit. If you have a larger project and need more than 3 units please contact us to receive a bulk pricing discount. We typically send orders out the same day they are ordered.


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