30 Watt Elite Adjustable Solar Attic Fan

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30 Watt Adjustable Panel Solar Attic Fan

This unit can improve the comfort, efficiency and life of your house by preventing moisture and removing the hot air from your attic.

Removing the hot air from your attic can add more comfort to your home while reducing the usage of energy that you use. Many studies have shown that 30 watt solar attic fans can pay for themselves in as little as two summers! The amount of money you can save after a few years makes these the perfect investment for every home owner. You also protect your most important investment which is your home by preventing moisture build-up everyday of the year.

– Protects your roof
– Reduces aging of shingles
– Removes heat and moisture
– Reduces energy costs


Notice a big difference during the summer months:

As many of you may know attic temperatures during the summer months can reach extreme levels during the summer. This heat can cause damage to the life of your roof and cause your energy bill to soar. By installing a 30 watt solar attic fan you can lower these temperatures by 40% or more.


Product Features:

– Manufacturer’s Limited Lifetime Warranty
– Passed Florida Wind Speed Tests
– Qualified For Tax Credit
– Made of The Highest Quality Materials
– 2,500 square feet of ventilation
– Free shipping
– Easy installation
– Made in the USA


What’s Included:

– 30 Watt Adjustable Solar Panel
– 38.2 VDC Brush Style Pitman Motor
– Aluminum Louver Ring
– Five Aluminum Fan Blades
– Black powder coated aluminum top cover
– roof template
– Instruction sheet
– Hardware kit


Our attic fans also have a Florida Approval Number, which means that they passed the required wind speed tests for Florida use.


This 30 watt model was manufactured with the highest quality parts right here in the USA by Elite Solar Systems. Installation is easy, even a first time installer can get these installed within a couple hours.

The ultra-strong aluminum fan blades will provide maximum ventilation and air-flow, perfect for average to larger sized homes. This model produces air flow up to 2,500 square feet. With the limited lifetime warranty and a federal tax credit you have nothing to lose. We charge a flat rate shipping fee of $24.99 for each fan.

If you plan on ordering more than two please give us a call at 1-800-461-8149 for bulk pricing. If you don’t plan on ordering bulk just scroll back up to the top of this page, add to cart and go through our secure checkout process. We will review your information and send your fan out the same day you order it!


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