MARS Product

Magenn Power Inc. will start manufacturing its Magenn Air Rotor System (MARS) in 2008 with the 10 kW MARS unit being the first one developed.

The reason for the delay is that it is taking longer than anticipated raising the funds necessary to finish prototypes and get the product ready for market.

The price for the 10kW MARS unit is yet to be determined but will be in the $3 USD dollar to $5 USD dollar per watt range.

Please email for more information; [email protected] or call at (613) 733-8488

MARS 4.0 kW Unit

Press release
August 27, 2007

MAGENN Wind Power Naming Pierre Rivard as New CEO

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How does it work? View the Magenn Air Rotor System technical animation.

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The Magenn Air Rotor System is based on a long history of development and study on the magnus effect.

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Magenn Power Listed on Red Herring 100 North America Innovative Technology Firms.

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Magenn power announces the first distributor of the floating air rotor system. Krystal Planet.

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