flood-light-installed-on-wallSolar Security Lights Are Among The Smartest Investments You Can Make

Adding these will help keep your home or commercial property is safe and secure. There are models that operate using electricity, but the products you will find below run on rechargeable batteries. Solar Powered Security Lights have several benefits when compared to the electrical version. Some of those benefits include ease of installation, operation, cost & helping the environment.


Some Key Advantages of Using Solar Floodlights

Everything is getting more expensive these days, that includes the rising costs of electricity. This is even more true when it comes to security lighting wherein the lamps are turned on during long periods of time during the night. With our lighting solutions, you only need to harness the free power produced by the sun to charge up. There are virtually no added expenses in terms of added electricity expenses.

This is an investment that will pay itself off many times over. When installing you don’t need to worry about expensive and complex wiring. Moreover, the monthly savings that you be generating through your energy bill will outweigh the initial costs of the floodlight.


Solar Motion Light Detection Capabilities

Many of these outdoor lights were designed to stay lit throughout the entire night. While this makes sure that your property is illuminated at all times, the expenses can become painful to maintain. A more energy-efficient option is taking advantage of the motion-sensor lighting technology. Integrated sensors can detect movement from up to 25 feet way, automatically causing the light to turn on. This will spook unwanted guests from lurking around your home or office.


Solar Powered Surveillance Camera

This technology transformed the industry. These are great for monitoring suspicious activities such as theft, vandalism, shoplifting, and unwanted intruders. The latest advances in security cameras and surveillance systems have increased levels of security monitoring, management, and enforcement. It’s one of the leading causes for thwarting off the most experienced thieves and criminals out there.

Below you will find some of the best solar spotlights on the market. We have several different models ranging from different price ranges and power capabilities.

100 LED Solar Powered Motion-Activated Security Floodlight

100 LED Motion Activated Solar Security Light   This is one of the most powerful & brightest Solar Security Floodlights on the market. It’s perfect for lighting up your pool, deck, shed, yard, office & more. It automatically turns on … Read More

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150 LED Solar Motion Activated Floodlight By Maxsa

Solar Brilliance in the Darkest Night! 150 super-bright LEDs makes the MAXSA Innovations Solar Powered 150 LED Security Floodlight one of our brightest solar motion lights! Great for lighting up your deck, yard, porch, pool areas around a house, shed, … Read More

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30 Watt Outdoor Solar Security Floodlight By Maxsa

Don’t get caught in the dark! The MAXSA Innovations Solar-Powered 30W Halogen Security Floodlight automatically turns on when motion is detected after dusk. It’s great for driveways, walkways, a front or backyard, barns, sheds, or anywhere else where you don’t … Read More

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50 LED Motion Activated Floodlight By Maxsa

50 Super-Bright LEDs provide maximum illumination and efficiency! Solar-Powered 50 LED Security Floodlight automatically turns on when motion is detected after dusk. Includes 6 volt 4 Ah sealed lead acid rechargeable battery, solar charging panel, and a 15-foot cable. Activates … Read More

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Aluminum 80 Led Solar Powered Security Light

80 LED Solar Security Floodlight By Maxsa This model is perfect for lighting up your driveway, walkway or shed. It will automatically light up if motion is detected up to 40 feet away. During the day the solar panel charges … Read More

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Solar Security Light With 16 Surface Mount LEDS

Maxsa’s Brightest Solar Spotlight Light Yet! The surface mount LED technology that comes equipped with this Solar Security Light is what makes it the brightest one available in Maxsa’s stellar lineup. This light is perfect for lighting up your pool, … Read More

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Solar Security Video Camera & Floodlight By Maxsa

Video Surveillance With a Touch of Solar Adding solar motion activated floodlights to your home or office was a great breakthrough in technology a few years ago. Now you can add a security camera to that mix! This model will … Read More

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