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If you are looking for the highest quality attic ventilation systems on the market look no further. Our Solar Powered Attic Fans were manufactured right here in the USA by Elite Solar Systems. They make all their alternative energy products with the highest quality materials available. With over 20 years of experience, they have never sacrificed quality or customer experience. MAGENN Power has so same principals which is why we have partnered up to offer you the best experience possible.


Why Proper Attic Ventilation Is So Important

If you have ever been in your attic during the hot summer months then you have experienced the extreme temperatures first hand. When the sun shines on your roof all day that heat is then sent directly into your home. While building codes require homes to have a passive vent system, they don’t produce the pressure needed to get the air through the attic and back outside. That’s where our Solar Gable Vents come into play. When placed at your roof’s ridge, the fan will pull air from the outside and force it into the entire attic space which then escapes through the vent. Studies have shown that by installing one of these ventilation systems you can reduce your attic temperatures by 40%.

Proper air circulation is a critical aspect in prolonging the life of your home as well as cutting energy costs. Many homeowners have reported that these systems have paid for themselves in as little as two summers! If you don’t have proper air circulation then the moisture build up could put you at risk of having mold, mildew, and wood rot.

Below is a screenshot style video of our Solar Roof Vents:


moisture-hot-air-flow-chartSolar Powered Attic Fan Features:

– Passed Required Florida Wind Speed Tests
– Qualifies For Tax Credit
– High-Efficiency Solar Panels
– Five Aluminum Fan Blades For Maximum Air Flow
– 38.2 VDC Brush Style Motor
– Whisper Quiet Operation
– Flat or Adjustable Solar Panel
– Limited Lifetime Warranty


Solar Roof Vent Common Questions

Is Installation Easy?

Yes, you won’t need to worry about any electrical wiring or structural changes. They will blend seamlessly with your roof line. We provide step by step instructions with every order. Average installation times are less than 2 hours.

What Is The Purpose Of The Optional Thermostat?

The thermostat is an optional add-on that prevents your fan from running 24/7. It’s pre-set at 85 degrees. So when the temperature is below that mark, your unit won’t operate. When temperatures reach levels of 85 degrees or more it’ll automatically start operating.

What Is The Purpose Of The Adjustable Solar Panel?

This allows you to tilt the panel facing the sun for max exposure. The more exposed your panel is to the sun, the more power it’ll produce.

Below you will see the various Solar Attic Fans that we offer. With a money back guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty, you have nothing to lose. These are a must have investment for every homeowner. When you place your order today we will typically ship it out within a few hours! If you plan on a bulk order for a large or commercial project please give us a call at 480-560-4176 or send a message. We will create a custom quote for your order & give you a special discount.

20-Watt-Adjustable-Solar-Attic-Exhaust Fan
20 Watt Adjustable Elite Solar Powered Attic Fan

20 Watt Solar Powered Attic Fan This model will prolong the life of your home by preventing moisture and removing hot air from your attic. Temperatures can reach extreme levels in your attic when air isn’t properly circulated. Just by … Read More

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20 Watt Solar Exhaust Fan For Flat Roof
20 Watt Flat Elite Solar Powered Attic Fan

20 Watt Flat Solar Panel Attic Fan This fan will help prolong the life of your home by removing hot air and preventing moisture from getting trapped in your attic space. If you have ever been in your attic during the … Read More

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30 Watt Elite Adjustable Solar Attic Fan

30 Watt Adjustable Panel Solar Attic Fan This unit can improve the comfort, efficiency and life of your house by preventing moisture and removing the hot air from your attic. Removing the hot air from your attic can add more comfort … Read More

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