Boost Your Website with Team Content Marketing!

SEO and Content marketing is getting more difficult each day, as there are thousands of new purchased domains and thousands of new websites popping up everywhere online.
For many new content writers and bloggers starting up with their site and staying active for a few months is challenging, especially when reality hits home and they find that they have no traffic to their articles. They believe that the time and efforts not worth it. To learn more visit the Phoenix SEO Video: which shows you exactly how to boost the trust of your website with unique content.Phoenix Marketing

The FRUSTRATION of Content Marketing

Over the years Google has been updating their systems with a series of updates and the latest update, Penguin, implemented to lower the ranks of websites that have poor quality links. This led to bloggers and businesses finding better ways to build the quality of their SEO.

Today’s Content Marketing Strategy for SEO

According to Google, the best way for businesses and bloggers to get high quality rankings is to follow these steps:

  • You need to post quality content that your readers share
  • You need to have easy access to social widgets
  • If you are an author you need to use Google plus profiles and Google Plus pages for your site
  • You need to make use of guest blog links
  • You must not buy links
  • You need to set up your web page targeting SEO keywords and must not over optimize

Briefly, there is no shortcut to boost organic traffic, according to them you need to put out quality content, the rest will follow, and causing loads of frustration for newbie bloggers. on top of posting stellar content you will want to release it over the most popular web 2.0 sites. Elite has a Phoenix SEO Twitter & a Facebook page where you can learn more about that topic.

What is the solution?

In our business, we have been teaching our clients to build networks within their niche industry, and share one another’s article. This helps to build your natural SEO authority as all sites work together in growing traffic according to Elite Phoenix SEO. When choosing to become a loner while blogging and only focusing on your audience you fail as today the Google Algorithm stacks the cards against loners.

The fact remains, that you need to make new friends, connect to social networks, and help each other to share content. Another great option is to guest blog on other’s sites. By building a small niche team and working together, this helps Google to build your PageRank and your site grows.

This Process Takes Time

This process takes time and does not create you with an overnight success and time consuming – however, Google indexes their community with outstanding authority and continues to do this while the network grows.

The first step is for you to decide what your niche market is! It is best to stay with one industry as Google gets confused when you have more than one industry. The next step is to compare your competitors by doing a Google search for your SEO keywords.

After completing the above steps, you need to choose relevant SEO keywords with a high search volume and low competition by picking at least 4-7 to target. Last, find out where your competitors hang out. This could mean that you need to go to networking events or meet up groups in person. This is the time for canvassing and getting the word out there by taking your business card and get involved.

By working together with others, you will help each other improve your Domain Authority and PageRank for growing your readership. SEO and Content marketing has developed into a team endeavor.

Tips to Help Boost Traffic to Your Small Business Website with SEO

One common question that many small business owners ask among themselves is how to attract more prospective customers to their business website. Fortunately, for you there are aspects that you can take as a business blogger to boost user traffic to your website without spending a fortune.

Stay a little longer and read further to help you get started! You can learn more about this tactic at the Elite Phoenix SEO Yelp Page, they are one of the top experts in the industry.

Provide a variety of keywords

When it comes to SEO keywords a useful approach is to focus on incorporating those phrases and keywords into every bit of content you create for your website. This applies to your blog page, text used and even the images supplied.


Blog Often

When it comes to driving traffic to your business website, the most important thing is to remember to blog often as many businesses start blogging and when reading their blog posts you find that they have not provided informational content in years. Try to post content to your blog page at least 2 – 8 times per month as this doubles your leads in finding new potential clients.

Create Gripping Headlines

If you are in need of driving traffic to your website, you need to provide your readers with interesting gripping headlines grabbing their attention. In addition, the most common phrases used are “How To,” “Tips,” and “Top Five” headlines addressing common points while creating interest for your typical customer. These help to provide the great results. An additional aspect to take into concern is to include your headline in your provided content.

Add links to your blog posts and web page content

Provide your visitors with interesting links to your text providing them with additional content that you may think they may be interested in – this helps readers with informational content as well as beneficial for Search Engine Optimization. Link some of your content available to other parts of your web page as this provides them with easy access by clicking through to find out more about your services and can be applied to your blog posts.

Utilize Google+ and You Tube

You Tube and Google+ are known to drive more traffic of all the social media sites available online. These findings have been researched by many and based on pages per visit, bounce rate, and the average time that visitors spend on the site.

Make use of your social media sites to help promote your business content where possible. Two other great sites to use are LinkedIn and B2B ranking third for the best engagement by visitors.

Take your time when writing original content providing informative information for your visitors to find helpful. Moreover, with some effort and time utilizing these tips mentioned above will help to increase traffic of consumers visiting your business web site without spending a fortune. If you want to look more into ranking your business with Phoenix SEO you can visit their official Facebook page. You will see that they have a lot of credibility & expertise in the market, we highly recommend them if you would like to learn more!

Get busy and provide your consumers with some grabbing headlines keeping them coming back for more every time creating PageRanking on the first page of search engines with your SEO keywords and make the money roll in.